Aqua Systeemverf 1-pot-systeem

Original price was: €96,70.Current price is: €72,53.

Aqua Systeemverf 1-pot-systeem

Original price was: €96,70.Current price is: €72,53.

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Glanzende, waterverdunbare, hoog vochtregulerende systeemverf voor buiten op basis van acrylaat technologie.

  • Hoge vochtregulering
  •  Elastisch en goede hechting
  • Voor buiten
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As a primer and finishing coat (1-pot system) on wooden facade frames, window frames, doors, panelling, etc., for outside.
Very suitable for finishing surfaces such as (rough) paneling where moisture regulation is desired. This also makes it the ideal non-saponifying product for the finishing of stony sheet material, including rebate parts, sidings and panels. In addition to these surfaces, metal and plastic surfaces can also be finished with this product after they have been pre-treated and provided with a primer layer.
It can be used on new untreated and treated surfaces and existing paintwork, after they have been properly cleaned and (mat) sanded.

High moisture regulation; Very elastic; Good adhesion; Can be painted over quickly; filling power; Good gloss retention; Not dark yellowing; Good flow; Excellent coverage; Easy to process; Low in solvent



Gloss level

All colors via the Wijzonol AQ Color Mixing System

11.6 m2/l

Layer thickness
35 micrometres dry = approx. 88 micrometres wet

Processing temperature/RH
10 – 25°C ambient and substrate temperature, relative humidity maximum 85%

1 and 2.5 liters

brush, roller

Dust drying time 20°C and 65% RH
Dust dry after approx. 0.5 – 1 hour

Recoatable time20°C and 65% RH
Recoatable after approx. 4 hours

Drying time explanation
The stated drying times are averages and depend, among other things, on the weather conditions, the thickness of the layer applied and the color used. Dark colors require longer drying times at low temperatures than white and light colours